Ages 13+

Our program is suitable for both beginner and experienced martial artists. Unlike a typical kickboxing program, our school offers kickboxing where the student can move in rank instead of being the typically cardio kickboxing. It includes a complete belt system with exams by which the students can be graded.



The students learn how to open up target areas by striking different areas of the body using a wide range of techniques. They not only learn traditional striking techniques with hands and feet but also learn how to strike effectively with knees and elbows, and work from a clinched position.

Our instructors include a certified mixed martial arts coach and Defense Tactics Instructor for Ohio Police Officers Training Academy.


The training is done at our dedicated kickboxing center next to our main martial arts academy. It is undertaken in a variety of ways.

Both bag and partner drills are utilized, as well as pad work and sparring in our kickboxing ring. Every class involves a cardio workout to build and continually improve cardio endurance. We concentrate on perfecting footwork and technique as well as coordination, reaction time, overall balance, and physical fitness.




Sparring is limited to those who wish to spar, but is relative to good, practical self-defense experience. Sparring is a requirement for the black belt exam.