Ages 13+

Championship Martial Arts Academy (Ohio) is proud to offer Combat Hapkido and Traditional Hapkido. We are one of the few select schools in the United States to be able to offer Combat Hapkido.


Practical and effective

Combat Hapkido is one of the most practical and effective self-defense systems ever devised. Combat Hapkido was originally conceived by Grand Master John Pelligrini in 1992. It resembles Hapkido, an art considered similar to or derived from Jujitsu but puts a more practical aspect on modern day self-defense.

Chon-Tu Kwan

Combat Hapkido is known as Chon-Tu Kwan in Korean. It was the first non-traditional Hapkido style founded by an American to receive official “Kwan” recognition by the World Ki-Do Federation. While there is a belt ranking system in Combat Hapkido, there are no forms or Katas. Due to the majority of techniques that employ joint manipulation and locks classes are offered only to adults and young adults or teenage (13 & up) Martial Artists.